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Current Solutions

*Licensed in all states excluding Minnesota.*

Direct Placement

Direct placement staffing is an offering where our team will go identify candidates for a position or positions that need to be filled in a timely manner. We will identify the best candidates we think fits the mold of what the job requirement is asking for in a person. 


 Benefits include:

·Time Saving- Sorting through and qualifying resumes, conducting pre-screens, scheduling interviews, and following-up with candidates can be time-consuming and daunting. We take all this off your plate so your team can focus on one thing, making an offer to a potential candidate.

·Reduce Costs- More time spent looking for candidates is more organizational spend on your teams

·Attract Top Talent- We look and try to identify the best talent available in the area. Talent comes in all shapes and sizes and our job is to find the best person for the organization.

Consulting Services

Our consulting piece of business is a unique approach to today’s recruitment world. This offering is not going to be beneficial for every organization but is an offering we believe is needed.

Within this scope of service, we come in and do a deep dive with your organization for positions you currently have or potentially might need. If we believe the scope of work is sufficient for our business practices, we will then develop our own team of recruiters for your specific organizational needs. This is a scalable process based upon the needs of the client. We will then have our own team that is dedicated to their organization.


We want our team from B3 to feel like another arm to your business!

 Benefits Include:

·Personal team that is dedicated just to your organization

·Scalability based upon requirements

·One payment for multiple services

·Hands on consulting on a weekly basis

·Times savings to allow your team to focus on other projects rather than staffing

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