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A Look Ahead: The Workplace of 2023

Moving past ‘The Great Resignation’

If we learned anything from the year known for relocation, retirements, and resignations, it’s that employers are going to have to get creative in 2023. Instead of playing tug-of-war over returning to the office and virtual work policies, employers will need to look beyond location alone and step up their games to attract and retain top talent.

Upskilling, Training, and Development

When polled in a recent Workplace Intelligence Study, 83% of workers said that improving their skills is a number one priority for them. Tomorrow’s workforce wants employers willing to invest in their long-term goals and ambitions beyond just their current position. If employers want to stay competitive, they will have to follow suit and spend time upskilling, training, and developing their employees.

The Ongoing Desire For Work-Life Balance

Hybrid and working from home gave employees options they didn’t necessarily have pre-pandemic, fulfilling the desire for work-life balance. In 2023 it will continue to be a priority for employees to have the flexibility to shape their work around their personal lives. To retain people on a long-term basis it will be important for companies to find new ways to offer that flexibility.

Looking For Top Talent in 2023? You’re Not Alone!

If your organization is looking to hire in 2023, you don’t have to go it alone. B3 Resource Solutions can help your organization save time and money. Let us help you attract and retain top talent by identifying the best candidates.

We offer Direct Placement Services, as well as consulting. Our consulting piece of business is a unique approach to today’s recruitment world.

Within this scope of service, we come in and do a deep dive with your organization for positions you currently have or potentially might need. If we believe the scope of work is sufficient for our business practices, we will then develop our team of recruiters to suit your specific organizational needs.

Whether You Are Looking for Direct Placement or A More Tailored Approach, Contact US To See How We Can Help You Meet Your Organization’s Goals Today!

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